March 27, 2018

A few days ago while standing in the checkout line in the grocery store, a man behind me commented about the plans he and his wife had to attend a movie when their shopping was concluded.  His enthusiasm didn’t seem to be registering very high on the emotional Richter scale.  I responded with the observation that it is extremely difficult to find a movie worth watching.  He painfully agreed and then w...

March 20, 2018

The recent passing of Billy Graham prompted some reflection on his ministry as well as many others over the past sixty years.  Hundreds of thousands responded to Billy’s invitation to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour.  His message was always simple, emphasizing sin, its consequences and God’s provided solution at the cross of Calvary.  Remarkably, the same message was being preached in th...

March 13, 2018

Donald Trump is a moron, an idiot, a maniac, a lunatic, a nutcase, a warmonger and a dozen other adjectives indicating mental instability – that is, if the liberal media is correct.  Their refusal to deal with reality places them in the “world is flat club” that criticized Columbus.  Contrary to their opinion he set sail to incredible discovery.  Those of us who know the earth is round also realize th...

March 6, 2018

As expected, the media is having not one cow but an entire herd over Mr. Trump’s intention to place a tariff on steel and aluminum from other countries.  There is a growing need for some cowboys to relocate these "cows" before the streets of Washington and New York are totally blocked with barnyard residue.  If Obama had made the same announcement, it would have been deemed necessary and brilliant, bu...

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