April 29, 2019

If Donald Trump had won the popular vote but Hillary Clinton was declared the winner by virtue of the Electoral College numbers, would any Democrat be clamoring to eliminate the present system?  Only because that scenario was reversed do we hear the manufactured outrage being leveled at superior wisdom.  The Founders established a representative form of government that provided the basis for the Elect...

April 23, 2019

Some Americans can still find a morsel of humor in the twisted crumbs that fall from the tables of our esteemed politicians in Washington.  Mr. Trump has provided us with a tasty fragment of sardonic relief when he suggested that an overflow of illegal immigrants could be shipped to sanctuary cities.  It has been a real hoot to watch the Dems attempt to reject the idea.  Leftists invented and now own...

April 15, 2019

Christianity’s Easter did not originate adorned with colored eggs, bunnies and bonnets or pastel pink and green dresses.  For the growing number of Americans who are ignorant of these matters, Easter is a commemoration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  You may recall His name. It is regularly invoked by some whose vocabulary is dwarfed by frequent cursing.  I have often wondered why similar profan...

April 8, 2019

For those of us who write about politics and related subjects, we must, by necessity, immerse ourselves in current events.  The evolution of our present political and social structures can be very discouraging to my crowd who are observing the sunset gaining proximity.  We frequently capitulate to the human inclination of backward glances, believing better days are behind us.  After all, we can rememb...

April 2, 2019

The American public has been fed the Russian collusion fairy tale for two and one half years by the Democrats and the media.  They are, of course, philosophically the same toxic stew.  They simply represent different ingredients in the common mix.  For twenty-two months the Mueller investigation has ground on, costing the taxpayers twenty-five million dollars.  Nineteen pro-Hillary lawyers could find...

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