August 7, 2017

Many of us old timers can remember when there was no such thing as health insurance.  What was available through multiple companies was commonly known as hospitalization; it was essentially a form of catastrophic insurance and relatively inexpensive.  We paid our own doctor bills and only utilized the insurance when a trip to the hospital was necessary.  Amazingly, we survived and most even flourished and prospered.  Over the past fifty years Americans have been conditioned to believe that employers or the government is responsible to provide a nanny state solution.

The liberal elements of societal evolution have delivered Obamacare to us resulting in untenable disasters.  The Republicans, afraid of their own political shadow, lack the courage to actually repeal and replace Obamacare even though they all campaigned on the promise to do so.  The emotional arguments of the Left strikes paralyzing fear in to the heart of the GOP.  “People will die without government health care” is a song and dance that is becoming as familiar as “multitudes will starve to death without food stamps.”  Raw statistics and historical research are on the side of conservatives, but the Republican Congress, as dumb as they are, still realize that sentimental assertions dominate modern America.  A government which runs on the wheels of emotion is as dangerous as a “bear robbed of her whelps” (Proverbs 17:12).

Solomon, second only to Jesus Christ in human wisdom (Luke 11:31), was the author of Proverbs.  The book is comprised of 915 verses, utilizing the word fool, fools, foolish, foolishly or foolishness 83 times.  On average, observations about fools are made every eleven verses.  Clearly, Solomon spent some serious time contemplating the habits of fools which provides a fascinating study that Congress should be obliged to consider.  One blockbuster judgment is discovered when the wise man said, “He that trusted his own heart is a fool: but whoso walketh wisely, he shall be delivered” (Proverbs 28:26).  If this statement is true (and we accept it to be infallible), the whole history of man is one of a fallen creation – self-deluded, self-deceived, self-hypnotized, and self-justifying, trusting his feelings, intuitions, impulses, motives, intentions, and ideas instead of God’s revelations.  Congress, which is largely the product of “higher education,” is willing to trust its heart even when the plain facts oppose the almighty feelings.

When a man trusts in his own heart, he is a fool because: 

1.  The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked (Jeremiah 17:9)

2.  The imaginations of the heart can be evil continually (Genesis 8:21)

3.  Thirteen abominations proceed from the heart and defile the man (Mark 7:21-22)

4.  The natural heart is no good; a new one is needed (Ezekiel 36:26)

5.  The heart is far from God (Mark 7:6)


For those intellectual sophists who wish to argue about the organ itself and the figurative meaning of the word, suggesting the heart is merely a pump, we submit the following:  the same crowd has paid good money to go hear some dude sing “I left my pump (oops) in San Francisco;” everyone knows our grandparents sang “Let me call you sweet pump.”  Every other song on the country western radio station reminds us that some guy left his heart in Albuquerque, or someone in Phoenix has captured it, or it will show up in Nashville, etc., etc.  If they are all crazy, why do they make the big bucks unless the mob that buys their stuff is equally insane?  The natural heart humanizes God, deifies man, rationalizes sin, negates the Bible, ignores judgment, justifies itself, smiles at the Devil, and rejects anything distasteful (negative) to its own opinions, ideas, beliefs, feelings, and plans.  No greater example of this twisted reasoning exists than in the ivory towers of Washington, D.C.


Religion and politics are often on the same page of sinking sand reasoning.  When the adversaries of Jesus dragged him before Pilate, the only accusations they could manufacture were tax evasion and sedition.  Pilate listened and then responded with “I find no fault in this man” (Luke 23:4).  The Roman governor failed to find any substance in the indictments but eventually capitulated to the emotional crescendo of the news media of that day.  Liberals control today’s media and know how and when to turn up the heat with regular doses of heartrending stories.  These narratives may be the one exception out of a thousand, but no matter, if it fits the agenda they run with it.  Facts are required to bow before the altar of feelings.


Perhaps the exclamation point of Solomon’s remarks about fools is:  “Seest thou a man wise in his own conceit?  There is more hope of a fool than of him” (Proverbs 26:12).  A step below a fool is a politician who believes his own hype.  Much has been said about the conceited person.  “Conceit is the anesthesia that dulls the pain of stupidity; a proud man is like the rooster who thought the sun came up every morning to hear him crow; he is so conceited he sends his mother a telegram of congratulations on his birthday; people who are always wrapped up in themselves never unfold; it is amazing how much self-respect most worthless people have; you can always get someone to love you, even if you have to do it yourself;” and finally, “people can do one of two things – grow or swell.”  When solutions come from sound logic, it’s growth, but when they are based on pure emotions, the toad has swelled and is about to croak.



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