October 17, 2017

Evolution is a cruel taskmaster.  Wouldn’t you think that after billions of attempts over several million years the planet earth would be covered with Superman and Superwoman clones, all with the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound, be faster than a speeding train and quite capable of halting a locomotive?  But alas, the sad truth is physical and mental deformities continue to rule the world of underachievers.  The present fear is that the human race will never have enough time to attain the extraordinary greatness that the “force” of the universe has designed.  Global warming or some other self-inflicted catastrophe will surely render the human experiment hopelessly lost.

Perhaps “the survival of the fittest” will rise to the occasion in the next “Water World” by providing a superior seed stock of androgynous Boy Scout, Girl Scout, uni-Scout inhabitants that will soar to heights unimagined by their lowly predecessors.  Speaking of Water World, Hollywood appears to possess an insatiable appetite for themes projecting a dismal future absent of individual conscience.  You know --- the walking dead, zombies, aliens from outer space eradicating humanity, etc.  Is it possible that the movie moguls have separated themselves from the conscience of Roy Rogers, the Cleaver’s, and John Wayne because they have lost their own?  Recent news from the left coast continues to unmask a basket of deplorables that is even shocking to Hillary Clinton –or so she says.  Unfortunately, these scandalous characters are big time donors to the Democratic Party and other left wing outfits.

Since Harvey (not the rabbit – well, maybe) has violated the code of hypocrisy (which is: getting caught), some of the political recipients of his donations have found their posterior backside in a difficult position.  The announced remedy is that the money will be given to charities (which really means some of the loot will be moved to other pawns on the same side of the chess board).  The deck can be re-shuffled, but the Ace remains up the sleeve of the dealer (see Daniel 11:38 and II Corinthians 4:4).

Of course, these incidents are minor speedbumps on the road to destruction.  The much larger issue is: are these events representative of the condition of America’s soul?  The evolutionary conscience has leapfrogged over the liberal when it comes to the rights of the unborn (see Jeremiah 1:5), unabated spending (Psalm 37:21; Proverbs 22:7), promoting moral clarity (I Timothy 6:9-11; II Timothy 3:1-7), and protection of national sovereignty (Acts 17:26,27).  The Republicans lend verbal allegiance to the correct positions but refuse to do anything about it when in power.  “Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin” (James 4:17).  The Dems have dived into the pool of depravity, but their Republican friends have more than a foot in the same reservoir.

When it comes to the subject of the human conscience, the Bible is the only authoritative book on the subject since it was God Who authored its creation (Romans 2:14,15).  This inner tribunal serves as a regulator which accuses of sin.  The Scriptures are more than ample in giving illustrations of this universal work… for example, Jacob’s sons seething in jealousy over the favored status of their younger brother Joseph. When the opportunity arose, they captured him and eventually sold him into Egyptian bondage.  Through the providential grace of God Joseph rose to the position of Prime Minister, second only to Pharaoh.  Famine forced the brothers to travel to Egypt in search of food, which resulted in them standing before their sold-out brother with the request but unable to recognize him.  In the midst of this meeting their conscience kicked in at about 6000 rpm:  “And they said one to another, We are verily guilty concerning our brother, in that we saw the anguish of his soul, when he besought us, and we would not hear..” (Genesis 42:21).  This script and cover-up should be exploited by Hollywood and NBC – they are already familiar with the basic ingredients. But I almost forgot –to magnify the conscience would be counter-productive to a class that has replaced it with "relativity".  Relative truths are the “values” taught in the federal school system to inculcate into every socialist cell the teaching that there is no moral authority or ethical authority.  This is strangely called “values clarification” by the NEA.  It means that the student must be reduced to the place where he has to look to the State (the government) for guidance and support as a “savior.”  Hence, the internal voice has been subjugated to external noises and their demands.

“Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron” (I Timothy 4:1,2).  Prime examples of this truth can be found in Hollywood, Congress and the NFL.  An old Indian gave an excellent definition of conscience:   “Conscience is a little three-cornered thing inside me.  When I do wrong, it turns around and hurts me very much.  But if I keep on doing wrong, it will turn so much that the corners become worn off, and it does not hurt me anymore.”

Minister:  “Should I give you something to strengthen your will-power?”  Parishioner:  “No, give me something to weaken my conscience instead.”

The latter seems to be the axiom of the age.

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