October 24, 2017

 As expected, in the wake of the Las Vegas tragedy, The Left has once again ratcheted up rhetoric on gun control.  You have to wonder if Liberals don’t almost hope for such incidents in order to keep their cause on a front burner.  Due to a busy travel schedule and serious restraints on time this week, I appeal to the readers to tolerate a repetition of a previous column citing examples from American and Biblical history.  After all, the antagonists never have anything new to say, and so circling the wagons with hard, cold facts should always be beneficial.

Democrats love to employ instances of abusive treatment of Native Americans, failing to acknowledge that the majority of egregious conduct has been at the hands of a government that the Left desires to expand.  The Sand Creek massacre is a classic example.  On November 29, 1864, a 700 man force of the Colorado Territory militia under the command of Colonel John M. Chivington attacked a peaceful village of Cheyenne and Arapaho.  Two months previous Chief Black Kettle had attended a peace parley in Denver and had been advised to fly an American flag over his village with a white flag below it to show he was friendly and forestall any attack by U.S. forces.  In spite of compliance, the army assaulted the village killing and horribly mutilating an estimated 163, two thirds of which were women and children.  Is it reasonable to assume that if the Indians had been forewarned and equipped with anything beyond primitive weapons, the outcome might have been different?


The explanation is well illustrated in the Battle of the Little Big Horn on June 25-26, 1876.  The Lakota, comprised of the Northern Cheyenne and Arapaho, were armed and prepared to meet George Armstrong Custer and 700 men of the U.S. Cavalry.  Five of twelve companies were annihilated, leaving 268 dead and 55 injured.  Crazy Horse was not so crazy…he had learned to never trust a government that attempted to disarm its citizens.  Political expediency unveils the mystery of why so many Liberals scoff at the idea of finding and documenting eleven million illegals (citing the impossibility of such a task), but never wince when offered the possibility of rounding up 300 million guns.

Ancient Israel exhibited the same spiritual DNA of modern America in its proclivity to embrace diversity.  They frequently suffered spasms of political correctness by embracing the gods and culture of the surrounding pagan people.  Everyone seemed happy with the arrangement except God.  In an effort to gain His people’s attention, the Lord allowed Israel’s “new friends” to become their newest taskmasters.  After several years of total misery and subjugation, Israel cried out to God seeking relief from their oppressors.  When a spirit of genuine revival developed, the Lord responded with a positive solution.  The Old Testament reveals this cycle being repeated many times.

From a human standpoint, one cannot help but wonder how the persecutors maintained the brutal tyranny.  The answer is found in the tactics of Israel’s perennial enemy, the Philistines.  “Now there was no smith found throughout all the land of Israel:  for the Philistines said, lest the Hebrews make them swords or spears;” (I Samuel 13:19)  The following verses indicate that the Jews were so deprived of metallic material that they had to depend on the Philistines to sharpen their farm implements.  Of course, that was an insidious way to document the whereabouts of any object that could have been fabricated into a weapon. 

This shows the results of “gun control,” whether on a local or national level.  All gun control laws are set up by governments to protect their agents who intend to take everything you have.  In seven government genocides (1917-2000), resulting in the deaths of 55 million unarmed men, women and children, the killers did exactly the same thing the same way.  The original Nazi weapons law (March 18, 1938) is simply a page removed from the book of the ancient Philistines.  History has yet to fully record the atrocities of the last fifteen years, but one can sure that Muslim terrorists are doing everything possible to eliminate the weapons of their adversaries.  All gun control laws are for the purpose of protecting two groups of people:   killers and robbers.  If history demonstrates anything, it’s that this class of people are governmental bureaucrats more often than not.

When Hitler came into power, Einstein shook the dust of Germany from his feet.  The Nazis made characteristic gestures of farewell to their greatest scientist ---turned him out of the Academy of Sciences, seized his sailboat and other personal property, confiscated his bank account.  As a crowning irony, they solemnly searched his house for arms.

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