November 7, 2017


The expression “drain the swamp” has risen to an elevated dimension in recently.  The so-called dossier alleging Donald Trump of collusion with the Russians has now been proven to be “fake news.”  Concrete evidence of conspiracy points to the Democrats who paid for the manufacture of the garbage can.  Now there are strong indications that all the principals who are presently assigned the task of investigating the “Trump-Russian connection” knew about this chicanery long ago.  The barnyard refuse is getting deeper with information that some Republicans were also involved in this can of worms.  We believe there is a growing number of Americans that are sick to death of professional ball players who disdain the country that has given them the opportunity to make millions, political correctness run amuck and politicians feeding at the trough of corruption.

The Liberals hate Mr. Trump for one obvious reason…he wasn’t supposed to win the election.  Hillary’s victory would have insured a level of swamp sludge capable of submerging the most capable protestors.  The Clinton negotiated Russian uranium deal would have been buried forever.  Slick Willy would be traversing the world engaged in influence peddling at several million a pop in place of the paltry one half million he received in Moscow; Barack Obama’s stock would be shattering previous highs and RINO’s (Republicans in name only) could once again be feigning opposition prior to the be-partisan cocktail parties.  But this duly elected usurper is tormenting the alligators and disturbing the fragile eco-system of the Washington bayou.  The delicate sensitivities of the snakes resent this kind of intrusion.

In truth, the RINO’s can’t harbor that much disagreement with the President on policy because they all campaigned on a similar agenda, but rather they protest his style, accusing him of being coarse, uncouth and consequently, unfit.  It’s completely understandable why some people have problems with Mr. Trump’s language and methods but concentrating on the fleas instead of the dog’s capabilities can be a hazardous pursuit.  The dirty little secret concerning Congressional repugnance toward the President lies in his willingness to fight back.  Republicans aren’t supposed to do that…their assigned role is to engage in “civil discourse” and then roll over, point four legs heavenward, wag the tail and wait for the Dems to say “good boy.”  The pit-bull in the White House isn’t cooperating!

When the Left and many of the so-called Right have nothing of substance to offer, they rush to a microphone and condemn the lack of “civility” in political conversation.  The flea chasers willingly sacrifice the permanent on the altar of the immediate.  Our old friend Noah Webster (1828) defines civility in part as “decorum of behavior in the treatment of others, accompanied with kind offices and attention to their wants and desires.”  It’s impossible to reconcile this definition with giving the Russians control of 20% of our nation’s uranium supply or manufacturing blatant lies about a political opponent.  The IRS has just apologized to over 400 Tea Party groups for declaring war on them.  Financial reparations have been ordered, but the damage paved the way for Obama’s second election.  Lois Lerner should be in jail, but liberal civility tolerates judicial selectivity.  Failure to respond to the Benghazi pleas for help was less than civil, but it wouldn’t be civil to criticize the woman who was in charge of the State Department.  When civility is balanced, the heavier end of the scale rests on actions rather than fallacious words.

Jesus was of the opinion that long term observations were valuable:  “Either make the tree good, and his fruit good; or else make the tree corrupt, and his fruit corrupt:  for the tree is known by his fruit.” (Matthew 12:33)  An examination of the fruit of “Washington civility” renders some examples of very rotten tomatoes:  American public school teachers can’t teach children how to read, but they can teach them how to fornicate.  Law-abiding gun owners are supposedly a worse threat to America than illegal Muslim immigrants.  Sexually perverse and sacrilegious art needs federal funding.  Traditional “gender roles” are artificial:  sex perversion is natural.  America is against capital punishment, but for abortion.  “Self-esteem” in the federal schools is more important than passing examinations.  The NRA is bad for supporting the Second Amendment to the Constitution:  the ACLU is good for promoting child pornography and no Bible reading or prayer in the public schools as part of the First Amendment.  Standardized testing is racial discrimination, but racial quotas have nothing to do with racism.  Gay parades should be protected, but manger scenes at Christmas time are unconstitutional and socialism never has worked because the wrong people were in charge of the Constitution.

The present form of “civility” has delivered to us these attitudes which are a stench in the nostrils of Almighty God.  I, for one, am sick of civility if this is the fruit.

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