December 5, 2017

News flash!  Men have been misbehaving in the workplace! 


As we recoil in shock and dismay, assessment of the evolution of our present social climate may render benefit.  Since the days of the sixties flower children, society has been educated to believe that standards of morality are mandated only by what each individual wants them to be.  Why should we be surprised that “pro-choice” currents run far deeper in the oceans of humanity than previously suspected?  If an unborn child cloaked in nothing but innocence is held in such low esteem, there is no reason to expect respect for a lesser innocence.

When the decision was made to throw babies in the dumpster the dominoes of incivility and flippancy quickly followed.  The first to suffer irreverence was the traditional family.  The Cleavers and Cunninghams were replaced by episodes that demonstrated no consequences for bad behavior, thus reinforcing the new normal of decency.

The next target of insolence was the military.  The Left frequently characterized the protectors of our freedom as purveyors of hate, harboring only blood thirsty intentions.  Recruiters have been barred from college campuses, but liberal speakers advocating animosity toward our Constitution have been welcome.  In similar fashion law enforcement has been dispatched to the gutter of disrespect.  Everyone knows that all police are pigs unless, of course, they are protecting the life and property of the left wing protestors.

When the breath of life, which only God can give, is treated with ambivalence, it stands to reason that the above mentioned institutions that God ordained will receive the same distasteful prescription.  The attacks are directed, as covert as they may be, more at the giver than the receiver.

All of this serves as a platform for understanding the general disregard of the nobility of the gentler gender.  Failure to acknowledge the lofty position that the Lord assigned womanhood results in blatant ignorance.  Consider:  After the Lord performed surgery on Adam, He delivered to him a woman manufactured from Adam’s own rib.  Eve was not a monkey nor an angel but a creature of selection by Deity.  Adam’s origin was the dirt, but his wife’s was one step removed from it.

Rebekah’s willingness to follow Eliezer (a type of the Holy Spirit) by faith to meet her future husband is a story that can minister to any Believer.  Esther’s genteel courage saved an entire nation from extermination.  God could have used a great warrior, but His omniscience elevated femininity above the sword.  The Son of God might have descended upon earth the same way He ascended in a cloud but a woman of excellent character was chosen to provide His entrance into humanity. 

Every born again Believer in the Church age is said to be part of the body of Christ   (I Corinthians 12:27) which is pictured as a bride (Ephesians 5:22-33; Revelation 19:7-9).  With the exception of those who live in total denial, anyone can see the Scriptures place a great premium on women and their role in life and society.  Consequently. When haughtiness is directed toward them, a greater scorn is launched at the Bible and its Author.  What’s really new?

The rejection of these truths reduces women to objects of pleasure or labor.  Islam is the perfect example of the final destination of contempt for God’s opinions.  That religion tolerates absolutely no dignity of choice for females, but alas, truth is often stranger than fiction.  To illustrate:  it is those who claim to champion women’s rights that complain the loudest when any author or speaker points out these undeniable facts.  A Hollywood celebrity or Congressman can be vilified for misbehavior, but a religion that controls women with the iron fist of disdain is exalted…it’s impossible to connect any dots of reasoning when dealing with those who are logically challenged.

For the past six or seven decades young minds have been flavored with the imaginary candy of evolution.  The greatest scientific fact, which proves to be historical truth, is that no scientist in any age, of any sex, color, image, standing, education or intellect, has ever been able to account for the differences of the sexes in man and in animals that came from a one-celled critter.  Evolution is a joke, and a tragic one at that.  If the origin of the sexes is identical, why should one gender receive preferential treatment?  Isn’t the world one giant locker room?  Women have been victimized by the very scientific theories they have been taught to believe.

God accommodates rejection of His Word in a very peculiar way.  “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:  that they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness” (II Thessalonians 2:11,12).  The end result of delusion is confusion.  When morality becomes a matter of personal choice in opposition To God’s mandates, the world becomes an insane asylum run by the inmates.  The aim of the Bible is to bring you to God.  The aim of modern education is to convert you into your own god.  “Science” is totally ignorant of life after death and the spirit world; it has heart trouble, not head trouble.  “Science” (I Timothy 6:20) diverts and imperils its own purpose.  Light rejected becomes lightning!



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