December 11, 2017

President Trump has finally tripped into the abyss of no recovery.  The Russian investigation, immigration policies and tax reform are small potatoes compared to the most recent unpardonable sin of international politics.  Mr. Trump actually had the unmitigated gall to side with God when he declared the United States formally recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. To add salt to the wound, he announced intentions to move the U.S. embassy to the historic city.  Congress voted approval of that transition in 1995, but Clinton, Bush and Obama all overruled it, capitulating to the wishes of the U.N.

The first criticism out of the idiot box was a “deep concern” that the “peace process” would be hindered.  Similar objections are never raised when a host of terrorist organizations launch rockets into Israel, throw Molotov cocktails into vehicles or send suicide bombers into malls and restaurants.  When Bush began his “war on terror” (2001), he refused to deal with any terrorists or terrorism in Israel.  He decided that it should continue there while he “checked it” in Iraq.  In 2004-2005 he forced Israel to give up the Gaza Strip which has become a major launching pad for terrorist rockets. Immediately after Israel complied with Bush’s wishes, forty-nine women and children were murdered from July-October, 2005.  He then recognized the “right” of all Muslims to set up a church-state in Jerusalem dedicated to the genocide of all Jews.  In May, 2003, the American and European news media said that Jews who attacked terrorists were radical “left wing” opponents of the peace process.  This so-called peace process is the sorriest joke of the last 100 years. How could it be otherwise when Israel is the only nation in the U.N. that has no military allies and is surrounded by nearly 200,000,000 Muslims whose sole objective is the genocide of the nation?

The word “Jerusalem” means “city of peace” or "possession of peace".  Since world peace and the fulfilling of the angelic announcement in Luke 2:14 focuses on this one word it figures that it never shows up one time in the “Holy” Koran.  Mohammed replaced it with “Mecca,” and his followers added “Medina” for good measure.

The almighty Creator of heaven and earth deliberately set things up so that no politician, Muslim, Christian, humanist, atheist, Buddhist, Hindu, or evolutionist would have anything to do, directly or indirectly, with “peace on earth”, at any time, any place, by any means.  God’s holy sense of humor is in evidence by the choice of this one word: “Jerusalem.”  He allowed “the City of Peace” to be attacked thirty-three times before 1948.  That is true of no other city on this planet.

Not one individual or nation in downtown New York (the U.N.) has any idea at all how peace will come to this earth, when it will come, where it will come, or who will bring it about.  This global ignorance is due to the failure of 190 (+/-) nations to believe three passages of Scripture found in a King James Bible, which was translated into more than 160 languages before the U.N. assembled the first time (Haggai 2:7,9; Psalm 76:2,3; Zechariah 14:2.3).

These verses indicate that when “peace on earth” comes to this world, it will start at Jerusalem, initiated only by Jesus Christ, the “Prince of Peace.” (Isaiah 9:7)  The prophet Haggai wrote:  “And I will shake all nations, and the desire of all nations shall come:” (Haggai 2:7) Johann Sebastian Bach used this verse as the inspiration for his work, “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring;” Charles Wesley did a similar thing in the Christmas carol, “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” when he wrote: “Come, Desire of Nations, come!”  There has never been a time in 6,000 years of fallen man’s history when Jesus Christ was “the desire” of any nation.  Even in America, which had a foundation built on the Bible and Christianity, the name of Jesus Christ never made it into the nation’s three major founding documents:  the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, or the Bill of Rights.  Bach and Wesley were speaking for themselves from the standpoint of born-again children of God (II Timothy 4:8), not through the view of a lost world that hates the Son of God  (John 15:18).

“The desire of all nations” is not Jesus Christ; it’s peace.  Religious leaders have prayed for “peace on earth” for centuries, and God paid no more attention to their prayers than He would that of an atheist.  The Lord will not give any peace to this world until He brings it to the city of peace delivered by the Prince of Peace.

Mr. Trump’s proclamation serves as an acknowledgement to the true ownership of Jerusalem.  The original owners were “Jebusites,” and the only time Palestine was ever a “State,” with Jerusalem as its capital, was 1000 B.C. to 588 B.C.  It was 100% Jewish, reigned over by Jewish kings on thrones in Jerusalem.  In 1939, long before the “liberation war” of 1948, there were banks in Palestine for French, English, and Germans, and post offices for Russians and Italians.  They were all “Palestinians.”  Palestine was a Turkish mandate before it was a British mandate in 1917 (Allenby, World War I).  A “Palestinian,” according to history (instead of the religious creed of an Egyptian terrorist – Yasser Arafat), would be an Englishman, Turk, Greek, Arab, Russian, Persian, Jebusite (if you can find one), Canaanite, Frenchman, Italian, Spaniard or Sicilian.

The problem is quite simple:  God gave that real estate to the Jews (Genesis 15:18-21), but the U.N. disagrees.  There have always been benefits to living in a nation that agrees with the One Who created the dirt in the first place.

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