May 22, 2018


 When the Trump administration announced last year that the U.S. embassy would be moved to Jerusalem, an expected barrage of leftist criticism followed.  Their misdirected artillery included the usual dry rounds and duds of faulty reasoning.  They howled about bad timing, hindering the peace process, and losing respect at the table of nations, but when none of the standard slime stuck to the wall a different strategy was employed.  The altered rhetoric informed us that in reality the decision was of little consequences because the entire effort, if ever activated, would take years to accomplish.  Therefore, it was no surprise that the mainstream media rendered miniscule coverage to the May 14th celebration of the completed relocation.  It was too difficult to remove all the egg from their hypocritical faces.

The information that begged to be provided was Congressional approval of this move in 1995.  Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama all indicated that Jerusalem is the acknowledged capital of Israel, but alas, history is often a bad bedfellow, particularly when the entire history of Jerusalem is rehearsed.

The word “Jerusalem” occurs for the first time in the Bible in Joshua 10:1.  It means “city of peace” or “possession of peace.”  Salem, Shalom and Shiloh are cognates of the word.  Jerusalem was first taken from the Jebusites by Judah (Judges 1:8) and then in the next 1400 years by David (II Samuel 5:6-9), Shishak (II Chronicles 12:1-2), Johash (II Kings 14:13-14), Rezin (II Kings 16:5), Nebuchadnezzar (3 times) and twice more in the intertestamental period.

After the resurrection of Christ, it was sacked by Titus in A.D. 70.  The Romans attacked again in A.D. 135; then the Persians (A.D.614 – Shahrbaraz), the Muslims (A.D.638-Umar), the Crusaders (A.D. 1099), Saladin (A.D. 1187), the Kharezmian “hordes” (A.D. 1244), plus fourteen more times.  In all, the “city of peace” has been attacked 33 times before 1948 when Israel became a recognized state.  That is true of no other city on this planet.  Either the designated “peace” title is a laughable joke or God is reserving the right to install a peace (Luke 2:14) that mankind has been utterly unable to accomplish.

At no time after A.D. 70 was Jerusalem or Palestine connected with any kind of a State until 1948.  At no time did either contain a governing body over Palestine.  At no time was there ever in Palestine any “Palestinians” with any culture, language, speech, government, or even a history unless some original “Jebusites” could be located.  Good luck with that DNA sampling.

The only time Palestine was ever a “State,” with Jerusalem as its capital, was from 1000 B.C. to 588 B.C. It was 100% Jewish, reigned over by Jewish kings on thrones in Jerusalem.  The ground on which Omar’s mosque now stands was sold to a Jewish king of the Jews (II Samuel 24:24) with the sale recorded in 160 different languages before World War I.  The title deed was given to a Judean Jew (I Chronicles 21:26-27).

The news media "term" in the 21st century for these inspired verses of the Holy Scriptures is that they are “racist” because they teach “Zionism.”  This is why the U.N. gave an Egyptian terrorist (Arafat) a standing ovation when he appeared in 1974 in downtown New York sporting an ammunition belt, declaring that the U.N. would be guilty of another Hitler Holocaust if they did not give Hebron, Gaza, the Golan Heights, Bethlehem, and Jerusalem to “Allah.”

In contrast to the opinion of every terrorist group on earth, Jerusalem is the capital of a piece of land that the Author of the Bible said was “his land.” (Deuteronomy 32:43)   He called it “my land” (Isaiah 14:25) with one special city (Isaiah 62:7; Revelation 20:9) which He gave to “his people.” (Deuteronomy 32:9)  The Jews referred to it as “thy land” when addressing Deity (I Kings 8:36) because it was promised to them (Hebrews 11:9) by the One who created all lands on earth.  The prophet Hosea spits in the eye of the U.N. when he states that it is “the Lord’s land” (Hosea 9:3).


The Old Testament is so “Zionistic” that even modern Jewish Rabbis have completely abandoned “the Prophets” because teaching them would bring all Jews bad press and poor TV image.  The Bible stands in absolute opposition to the Koran which never mentions Jerusalem one time.  Mohammed replaced it with “Mecca,” and his followers added “Medina” for good measure.  Mohammed never set foot in Jerusalem or anywhere close to it…therein lies the rub; a Jew, who was the founder of Christianity, taught there, performed miracles there and died there.  Hence, Jerusalem became a two-edged sword.

The average semi-pagan American can perceive no significance in the Embassy move, but a Bible believer enjoys a superior intelligence recorded in an eternal document (Psalm119:89).  No one has any illusions about Mr. Trump possessing advanced knowledge of the Scriptures, but an unseen hand compelled three Persian kings to finance and direct the rebuilding of a Jewish Temple.  God is not dead!

Even though our society does not agree with God on many moral issues, it can remain advantageous to be in lockstep with Him about a city He mentions with favor hundreds of times.  To many, this move is purely symbolic, but the Supreme court of Heaven has spoken with a voice of long term consequences. (Genesis 12:3)

To the chagrin of the U.N., Jesus Christ is prophesied to enter Jerusalem once again in triumph and as the ruler of the world.  Perhaps that’s the real problem.

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