May 29, 2018


Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison is worried about the influence of the Bible in the prison system.  To our knowledge, the legislator has not openly criticized the Word, but rather harbors concerns that Bible studies with prisoners are depleting the ranks of Democratic voters.  Mr. Ellison is a pro-Farrakhan Muslim who took the oath of office with his hand on a Quran.  Holding the position of the DNC Deputy Chair allows him more sway than the garden variety Congress person.  Any suggestion to ban the Bible from prisons has not been made, but reasonable speculation anticipates such a move.  Keep in mind all Bible study attendance is voluntary as are other religious studies, including Muslim scrutiny of the Quran.  The Scriptures gladly compete on a level playing field against all comers, but when the decided advantage of truth (“thy word is truth” – John 17:17) flexes its incomparable muscle, the disadvantaged will scream “unfair.”  These objections must be disguised behind the mask of liberal logic which is consistently punctuated with fictitious feelings in favor of facts.

Interestingly, prison Bible studies have been dubbed Republican which seems to indicate the Democrats have no appetite or inclination to pursue their own effort in a similar endeavor.  Perhaps they have great difficulty in finding personnel who know enough Bible to lead this type of instruction.  This is not surprising since Libs have historically preferred psychology and philosophy.  They could try some ink blot sessions to secure voters.  Professor Slipjaw could be imported for a discussion of the miscellaneous ramblings of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.  Surely the cell block would be emptied for such an opportunity.  Most inmates are in the slammer because they did something dumb, but that does not mean for a second that they are stupid.  The majority need no more than ten minutes to discern the superiority of Solomon in Proverbs and Ecclesiastes when compared to any and all worldly philosophy.  There is an attraction to the Word of God that the Left has yet to figure out. When the Progressives disparage the Bible (and they frequently do), they are actually demonstrating racism and bigotry.  I suppose prejudice can be selective in the ranks of the politically correct.

Over the years I have known many men and women who were engaged in some type of prison ministry, but not once has one suggested they were doing so for the purpose of political activism.  Without exception, the sole motivation was a concern for the souls of human kind.  A true Bible believer accepts the words of Jesus at face value:  “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”  Every week hundreds of soul winners march into the jails and prisons of America armed with nothing but a Bible and the wonderful Gospel message of God’s salvation.

The moral position of the Left concludes that the incarcerated are really good people who are victims because society has treated them unfairly.  This message is so unrealistic that it is only received by the self-deluded.


In contrast, a humble Christian warrior preaches the depravity of every person, including himself:  “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;” (Romans 3:23).  The meaning is obvious…men are like garbage cans; some are new, some are old.  Some have lids, some don’t.  Some are in good shape, others are beaten up and rusted out.  But they all stink because they all have garbage in them.  The two edged Sword is twisted deeper:  “As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one” (Romans 3:10).  The word "righteous" here indicates that no one is righteous unless all his actions proceed from holy principles, are regulated by God, and are done in the right spirit with the right end in view (see Isaiah 64:6).  There is only one man who lived like that His entire life.  The Gospel is the story of His life, death, burial and resurrection and His ability to justify lost sinners.

Liberals, by the very nature of their propaganda, must profess their own righteousness, which in prisons is tolerated like excrement in a punch bowl at a Washington, D.C. high society party.  Jail birds have more sense that Harvard elites.  By design there is not a “right wing conspiracy” in place, but by extension the results are better.  When Christian conservatives (most of whom vote Republican) show the convicted from the Scriptures freedom from the consequences of sin, many receive the message gladly.  Our forefathers demonstrated that the possession of this, the greatest of all freedoms, leads to a thirst and hunger for lesser but none the less, valuable liberties, specifically freedom for political tyranny.  Why wouldn’t anyone who has acquired the God- given emancipation desire to align themselves with those who seek more personal sovereignty and less governmental control?

“All the distinctive features and superiority of our republican institutions are derived from the teachings of Scripture.” - Edward Everett

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