October 8, 2018


 When the Democrats ran out of bullets that were being fired at Supreme Court nominee, Bret Kavanaugh, they found a worn out slingshot that was pressed into service.  The slung stone fell short of any target comprised of common sense and sound logic.  This intended missile was an objection to the judge’s temperament which displayed some obvious anger when his character, reputation, resume and family was under intense attack.  Liberals encourage their minions to get in the face of Conservatives and shout obscenities and threats at those who disagree with them.  People of that persuasion are hardly in a position to judge even dispositions.

Even non-believers would generally agree that history’s perfect illustration of excellent temperament was Jesus Christ.  The Left occasionally cites examples of His behavior when it conveniently serves their purposes.  In deference to proper procedure, let’s examine some credible evidence.  Pontius Pilate, who was Jesus’ judge, examined Him and said three times, “I find in him no fault at all” (John 18:38). “no fault at all” - is this what a responsible judge would say about Cory Booker or Diane Feinstein, who are both reported to have serious skeletons in their closets?  Mrs. Pontius Pilate, wife of the judge, had no personal interest in Christ, either favorably or otherwise; but she told her husband in Matthew. 27:19, “Have nothing to do with that just man.”  The thief on the cross said, “This man hath done nothing amiss” (Luke 23:41).  Let’s circle the wagons…a guilty murderer was dying, and his testimony while dying under capital punishment was, “This man hath done nothing amiss.”

Judas Iscariot, a disciple of our Lord in his earthly ministry, gave a testimony, and if anybody could have detected a flaw or weakness or sin in Christ, it would have been someone with whom He lived, ate, walked and talked for three and a half years.  “Familiarity breeds contempt”:  Judas saw the miracles, heard the teaching, observed Him closely, and then finally betrayed Him for thirty pieces of silver,  and he testifies…”I have sinned in that I have betrayed the innocent blood” (Matthew 27:4).  The Roman centurion in Luke 23:47 said, “Certainly this was a righteous man.”  Now, there is a wonderful testimony from a hardened soldier in charge of the execution.

It would have been impossible to gather a more diverse group for an FBI investigation.  Different backgrounds, dissimilar agendas and no possible reason for collusion, but all bearing the same witness…a man of flawless character.  But wait, there’s more!  For $19.95 you can buy a Bible at Walmart that provides a golden nugget that demands exploration.  “And when he (Jesus) had looked round about on them with anger, being grieved for the hardness of their hearts, he saith unto the man, Stretch forth thine hand.  And he stretched it out:  and his hand was restored whole as the other” (Mark 3:5).  Whoa, Nellie---Jesus, a man of impeccable character according to the law of evidence, allowed anger to enter His mind.  The context (which liberals generally ignore) sheds illumination on the subject.  Jesus encountered a man with a withered hand in the synagogue.  The eyes of the adversaries were all on Jesus to see if He would heal the infirmed on the Sabbath.  Because of their tradition, not Scripture, this was considered a breach of good conduct.  In their twisted minds, if the Lord healed this man on the Sabbath, a convenient accusation could be leveled at the Saviour.

The Bible leaves no stone unturned when it comes to exposing motives; “being grieved for the hardness of their hearts.”  This crowd didn’t give a rat’s backend about the condition of the invalid, his family, future, or personal economy.  Their entire purpose was to destroy the Son of God.  All we have to do is read the next verse:  “And the Pharisees went forth, and straightway took counsel with the Herodians against him, how they might destroy him.”  The politics of personal destruction considers not who or what might be caught up in the wake of collateral damage.

The hardness of Democratic hearts ought to anger every American who embraces the sanctity of presumed innocence and the necessity of hard evidence for any conviction.  My prayer is that the midterm election will put the Left on notice that the core of this nation is not ready to accept this wretched assault on liberty.

Regardless of your opinion of Donald Trump, all freedom loving people should applaud his willingness to successfully appoint two Constitutionalists to the Supreme Court.  Hooray!

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