January 3, 2019

The day after Christmas I bumped into a church member at the post office who was reeling in frustration from a gathering the previous evening.  Mr. Exasperated and his wife attended a get together at some friend’s home to enjoy some holiday festivities.  It seems a millennial young lady was there who was more than willing to espouse her political views on immigration.  Her college education has led her to the conclusion that open borders are the obvious solution to the problem.  Unable to answer how the nation will pay for the increased cost in added law enforcement, health care, education and social services, her reasoning, lacking any hard facts, is based completely upon her feelings directed by an emotional rudder.  My friend’s discouragement resulted in a total inability to penetrate politically correct sensitivities with sound logic.  This is a micro picture of what drives the engine of modern liberal politics.  How we arrived at the place where feelings trump all is a question that deserves investigation.

I am a member of the last generation of American children whose feelings didn’t count for much.  The overwhelming number of people my age and thereabouts report that they do not remember their parents ever talking to them about their feelings.  According to John Rosemond, a well-respected family psychologist, the mental health of the 1950’s kids was better than the mental health of today’s kids.  How could that be?  Weren’t we the bunch that were taught to hide under our school desks in fear of a nuclear event?  The malt shop happy days experience must have been a mythical expectation resulting from repressed feelings!

But not to worry, America. In the 1960’s mental health professionals began the tedious process of “liberation”.  They were advocating allowing children to express their feelings freely, lest their emotions become “bottled-up” inside and possess them like demons.  Said professionals told parents that children’s feelings contained deep meaning that needed to be properly interpreted and properly responded to.  God’s comment is seldom taken seriously, but in an effort to be fair and balanced:  “Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him.” (Proverbs 22:15)

Dr. Rosemond adds:  “Thinking that people with impressive credentials must know what they are talking about, parents began giving relatively indiscriminate credence to their children’s emotions and, thus, began growing children whose hearts rule their heads in perpetuity.”  Social evolution has advanced us to today’s college campuses where incidents of students suffering from hurt feelings are encouraged to report these “acts of bias” to the Bias Response Team –constituted of administrators, campus law enforcement, faculty and perhaps even students – to investigate.  If the investigation supports the contention of the offended party, the supposed offender will be hauled up before the BRT and might even suffer expulsion.  At the University of Michigan, for example, students are advised that “the most important indication of bias is your own feelings” and are encouraged to report – anonymously if they prefer –any “bias incidents.”  Those who have been indoctrinated in this psychobabble are now members of or soon to be part of congress and the news media.  To enlighten the ignorant, once again God weighs in:  “The way of a fool is right in his own eyes…” (Proverbs 12:14) and “He that trusteth in his own heart is a fool:” (Proverbs 28:26)

Political correctness always produces unintended consequences.  My wife and I were recently reminded of once such nasty turn of events when we ran into a millennial shirttail relative while shopping.  She is an attractive, delightful, intelligent, educated and hard working girl with a bright future.  The occasion permitted us to have dinner with her later that evening.  While visiting over our meal, Linda asked her if she was dating anyone; you know, girl questions.  Her response was that, indeed, she finally found someone who likes to work.  That answer awakened me from my full focus on food long enough to probe further.  It seems she has had several prospective suitors who have been unhesitatingly dismissed because they didn’t share her work ethic. We have other millennial relatives who are also diligent in the pursuits of life but confess they know many peers who are not.

My life has been frequently punctuated with strong emotions demanding attention given to the river, lake or forest.  Learning that those feelings cannot be top priority was determined long ago when it became obvious my father wasn’t in tune with my feelings.  He was far more interested in facts!  The number on fact was…is your work finished?!!

Socialism is being embraced by an increasing number of snowflakes because it feels good to believe the government will meet all our needs and require nothing in return except loyalty and allegiance to the Democratic Socialist Party.

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