August 13, 2019


“Toxic masculinity” – according to California’s esteemed governor, the reason for mass shootings lies at the feet of this unexplained phrase.  We have yet to hear a precise definition for these buzzwords, but they seem to fit well into the soft, warm, fuzzy, feminine, liberal narrative.  The obvious intended take away is that something poisonous exists in the traditional concept of manhood which exudes a strong, take charge, bold, fearless attitude.  Biblical masculinity goes so far as to deliver a mandate of protection for the female gender (see Ephesians 5:25-33).

For some peculiar reason, in this upside down world, it is perfectly acceptable for feminists to exhibit all of the masculine characteristics they desire but demand that men “get in touch with their feminine side.”  The prophet Isaiah would rue the day when his prophecy would find fulfillment:  “As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them.  O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths” (Isaiah 3:12). Any honest reader can immediately detect that God is not opposed to female leadership (see Deborah in Judges 4,5), but the Word is predicting a political perspective of the last days.

A glimpse into our precious history demands answers from the governor and playmates.  Was there something venomous in Pastor Jonas Clark when he led the men of his congregation onto the church green to meet the British at Lexington even though outnumbered ten to one?  Should they have remained in their houses cowering like modern Republicans fleeing the constant criticism of the leftist media?  Bancroft, the historian, states: “Among the most alert was the minister with gun in hand, his powder-horn and pouch of balls slung over his shoulder. By his sermons and his prayers, he had so hallowed the enthusiasm of his flock that they held the defense of their liberties a part of their covenant with God; his presence with arms strengthened their sense of duty.  Under the eye of the minister…Lexington common was alive with the minutemen.”

When the smoke had cleared, eight Americans lay dead or dying in and around the church property with another nine being wounded.  The British losses were given as only two slightly injured, one of which was Major Pitcairn’s horse.  While the major’s exuberant troops were firing volleys into the air along with a hearty “three cheers” for victory, Christian patriots like Jonathan Harrington, Jr., were writhing in agony.  As Mrs. Harrington observed the fight from her window, she witnessed her own husband get shot down and arise to his feet only to fall again.  While he crawled through his own blood on hands and knees toward his home, Mrs. Harrington rushed to meet him only to have him die at her feet.  In the moment of utter anxiety no one could have faulted that dear woman for expressing an attitude of capitulation toward the British or…..ISIS, Iran, North Korea or China. But noxious masculinity ruled the day!

The Redcoats resumed their march toward Concord to achieve the mission’s initial objective of destroying the town’s munitions reserves; after all, gun control was essential if the Patriots were to be kept in check.  As the British neared the end of their five-mile march, the vastly outnumbered Concord militia withdrew to the surrounding heights to await reinforcements.  Once again, it was the local parson who steadied their resolve for a righteous scrap. Rev. William Emerson exhorted: “Let us stand our ground.  If we die, let us die here.”

By approximately 8:00 a.m., the Brits were under the impression they were occupying the rebel town of 1500.  While the soldiers searched unsuccessfully for hidden weapons and powder, their officers reclined in chairs on the lawn enjoying a casual breakfast, not realizing that over 400 grim-faced, musket-toting farmers were “fixin” to cross the Old North Bridge despite the presence of three companies of Marine defenders.  The ensuing battle lasted all of two minutes, resulting in the rattled Redcoats beating a hasty retreat for Boston.  A two and a half hour turkey shoot followed with telling fire pouring in from behind rocks, trees, and stone walls upon the hapless British invaders.  Only Lord Percy’s 900 reinforcements at Lexington saved the force from total annihilation.  As the combined British forces limped back to Boston, Americans marksmen continued to decimate their ranks, running from front to flank, and from flank to rear, loading their pieces at one place, discharging them at another.  An expanded network of pealing church bells ensured a steady influx of fresh shooters along the highway of death.  When His Majesty’s troops finally staggered into Charleston at sunset, 73 of their number had been killed, 174 wounded, and 26 were missing, while the inexperienced colonial volunteers had suffered 49 killed, 39 wounded, and 5 missing in action.  Toxic masculinity had overcome experience, training and better equipment.

Should this noble effort be renounced for the sake of a twisted political agenda?  “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13)…now that is the measure of genuine masculinity!

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