October 9, 2019


Donald Trump can be credited for advancing evolution at a supersonic speed.  What used to be media parakeets have advanced to full-fledged parrots, displaying a variety of plumage and color.  The one persistent difficulty is that they all say the same thing including adjectives and buzzwords.  Their speech betrays any real objectivity, leaving any reasonable person to wonder who the puppet master really is.  It may be possible that the fast advancement of metamorphosis left a gene or two behind.  Imagination and creativity appear to be at the far end of the wagon train.

Various programs on Fox News and conservative radio talk shows frequently play montages of sound clips from ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, etc. denouncing the president and his policies.  If you have heard one of them, you can safely believe you have heard them all. There is no sense in wearing your remote out.  The necessary ingredients of integrity and honesty have been replaced with a serious facial expression which suggests credibility to the unsuspecting.  Investigative journalism has been superseded with a singular agenda featuring one subject –impeach Trump.  The Democrats fear they cannot defeat the president at the polls and they know impeachment will not be successful in the Senate.  They are, therefore, reduced to squawking, making as much noise as possible in the hope that voters will be persuaded to endorse their position.  But what is their position on the economy, healthcare, education, terrorism or immigration?  The libs’ entire focus is on impeachment, leaving issues that real Americans care about untouched.  That leaves a larger question to be pondered:  why is the media, which is allegedly a voice of unbiased objectivity, so jaundiced in its reporting?  The primary players in the news cartel unofficially throw all their weight behind the politicians that most closely support their present agenda.

The movers and shakers who formed public opinion in Jesus’ day were known as Pharisees, and the Lord found Himself under constant attack from this conglomerate of the self-righteous.  They did all in their power to persuade Pilate to crucify Christ, and when he presented them with the choice of Jesus or a common criminal named Barabbas, they opted for the freedom of the previously condemned.  The reason is simple:  in comparison to Barabbas they looked exemplary; next to the Son of God, their righteousness became as “filthy rags” (Isaiah 64:6).  The networks will never rally behind an individual with more character than they themselves possess.  No one is under the illusion that Mr. Trump is a paragon of virtue, but his love for America and his desire to see the nation excel far exceeds the shortcomings of his adversaries.  His policies have rocketed unemployment to a fifty year low which makes the numbers of the past administration look paltry.  Success on the part of the usurper cannot be tolerated!

Further still, it would be incredibly naïve to think the media shuns controversy.  Indeed, they thrive on it because controversy generates more listeners and readers.  The ratings go up as does the revenue, so it is not too difficult to comprehend the motive behind some stories that are repeated so often they could be compared to Chinese water torture.  If you can’t understand a thing, follow the buck.  President Trump has thrown the media into a perfect state of schizophrenia; on the one hand, they hate him, but on the other hand, he provides them with daily material that fits well in their spin shops.  The perfect love/hate relationship.

It has often been said we are what we eat; we are also what we consume.  The vast majority of media moguls attended universities that have long been dominated by socialistic professorship.  The parrots go forth repeating and believing what they have been told.  When candidates seek election on the judiciary, we are told essentially nothing about their positions on critical issues.  This information is avoided in the name of impartiality; we are only given facts about their education and credentials.  The average citizen has not the resources, time or the will to do all the necessary research to make an intelligent decision.  It may be a poor system of evaluation, but there are times when all we can do is examine at which trough they have been fed.  This formula also has application for the schools of journalism.

Finally, a point that is usually overlooked…any modern president who exhibits an affinity toward Bible believing people must be rudely denounced.  I sat with a group of fifty pastors In Seattle to hear and ask questions of George W. Bush when he first pursued the office.  His testimony was clear concerning his personal acceptance of Jesus Christ as a result of Billy Graham’s influence.  The press was unmerciful in their treatment of Mr. Bush.  I have no knowledge of Mr. Trump making a similar profession, but we do know that he chose a vice-president who is a committed Christian.  We also know that the media was very kind to the president who criticized those who cling to their religion, Bibles and guns.  The Scriptures are considered to be lethal, and consequently, anyone close to them must be discredited.  The Pharisees didn’t vote for Jesus, and it’s reasonable to assume that few in the mainstream media would have either!

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