October 14, 2019


The political history of humanity can be consolidated in the simple phrase…”Who is going to run whom.”  The how, when, why and where are only sidebars to the central issue of control.  The American experiment was absolutely unique in its effort to give the individual as much freedom as possible.  The only prototype in history that rang similar chords was ancient Israel following the Exodus.  Every proposal the Left is setting forth requires a white flag of surrender on the part of the citizenry.  They desire government controlled healthcare, transportation, education (which has already been firmly established), economy, censored speech, employment and ownership of firearms.  Can anyone say Communist China?

President Trump’s policies, by their very nature, are intended to preserve personal liberty.  Coal miners, oil and gas workers, and other energy personnel remain employed.  Entrepreneurs are not handcuffed by excessive regulations, and American jobs are being protected from inordinate immigration.  The constant Democratic cries for impeachment reach much further than an attack on a singular person.  The Constitution provides a bulwark of protection against the insidious invasion of liberal termites seeking to destroy the framework of this great nation.  Consequently, the Dems are instituting ways to go around, under, or above it which has been clearly demonstrated in their impeachment efforts.  Due process has been totally ignored with no Republicans given the opportunity to call witnesses, issue subpoenas or be represented by attorneys.  It’s all about control and power.  If the Left is successful in this coup d’etat, our Constitution will be reduced in value to a used Kleenex.

It would be ludicrous to make any comparisons between Jesus Christ and Donald Trump, but the tactics and circumstances of this present assault are eerily familiar.  It is possible to draw a connection between the Saviour and a nation founded upon the principles of His Word.  Christ endured constant slander during His earthly ministry; we should, therefore, expect similar treatment toward anything that has His handprint on it.  Some parallels are worthy of observation.

Not long after Jesus launched His ministry, large crowds began to assemble at His unauthorized “rallies.”  It didn’t take long for representatives of the aristocracy to appear and challenge His teachings.  They really didn’t care a whit about Jesus’ doctrine, but they were very concerned about their own authority being diminished.  The aphrodisiac of lusting for power knows no boundaries.  By the end of three years (sound familiar?), the Lord’s popularity matched His good works and words.  The blood pressure of His adversaries was at stroke level which added incentive for His “impeachment”.

The entire scene of Jesus’ inquisition must be read in the light of the Deuteronomic laws that are supposed to govern the trial and condemnation of an offender.  According to Deuteronomy 19:17, not only are priests to be present, but judges are to preside at official trials; this prevented a kangaroo court where the prosecutor, judge and jury were representatives of the same side.  The examination was required to hear the accusation, then to enquire diligently, then make certain (Deuteronomy 17:4). Two or three witnesses are necessary (Deut. 7:6), and if their witness is found to be false, they are to receive the sentence that was intended for the person on trial (Deut. 19:18-21). Hatred in the heart is willing to forsake all rules of due process – then and now!

“Now the chief priests, and elders, and all the council, sought false witness against Jesus, to put him to death; but found none: yea, though many false witnesses came, yet found they none” (Matthew 26:59-60). Mark 14:56 explains that the false witnesses were nullified by contradictory testimonies.  Because no fault could be attached to the deeds of Jesus, two “whistleblowers” were manufactured to misrepresent the Lord’s words concerning the destruction and resurrection of the temple. Even though the transcript of the “phone call” was released in John 2:18-22, providing complete clarification, no one cared.

When the Lord confessed only to His true identity as the Son of God, He was immediately accused of blasphemy and subjected to physical brutality.

This is the hour when the “Prince of this world” vents his hatred and wrath on the rightful heir to the throne (John 14:30). Since the main subject of the Bible is a kingdom, and that kingdom has two claimants (Luke 4:6), it is remarkably fitting that at this juncture, the usurper should “pour it on” and demand to the limit of his strength that his Rival quit.  There is more here than a room full of shouting, cursing, venomous Pharisees “taking it out” on a Prophet named Jesus!

Could the abhorrence walking the halls of Washington and the media have its roots in an invisible enemy of a Biblical Republic which has found a captain desperately attempting to stay the course?

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