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March 18, 2022

Good day with tracts and witnessing, preaching on buses. Buses going to Italy, Slovakia, France and Germany. We currently have 250,000 refugees in Moldova. Please pray for Ducia a dear sister in the Lord, who was one of our early converts. She now lives in Harkof, Ukraine, her and her 2 sons living in their cellar. They can only come out during certain hours of the day. Pray for them as they help neighbors survive. We spoke to them through viber. We sent money for supplies for Ukrainian soldiers today through one of our contacts. Keep praying for continued open doors of utterance, and that God would save souls

March 26, 2022

Please pray for an orphan boy named Andrew  who was adopted by Ukrainian family 2 years ago in Mariopol, Ukraine. He went to school they bombed his house his parents were killed , he is an orphan again for the second time. Tragedy many broken lives.


They bombed the city of Hirson, Ukraine last evening. Many we talked too were in shocked, everyone took gospel tracts. There was a constant flow of people. They bombed a hospital, and old calhose ( building where they had collective farming during Soviet Union) those places were turned into a business area where civilians were staying, apparently many died). Please pray for souls to be saved. Thank you so much for sacrificing for the work of the Lord. Love you all

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March 29, 2022

This is Doocia and her son Vasia. I led her to the Lord in 1996, Her son Vasia also got saved in our first church in Slobodzia, Moldova. They relocated in Harkov Ukraine. They are living in the cellar because of the bombing , we sent funds to them through western union , they are helping the baptist church they go to in a village nearby Harcov. Please pray for them

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April 6, 2022

Medical clinic was a success. Many lost people and we were able to plant the seed of the word of God in the hearts of the people. The Spirit of God was working in a great way, while people were waiting to see the doctor.

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September 1, 2022

Had Camp near Harkov , Ukraine. Every kid got a Bible and book bag for School. Food distribution in and around cities of Harcov , 8 more boxes of literature went into 8 more towns in Ukraine. People are receiving the word of God. You won’t get that on CNN!

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